Mohamed Tablawi

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Mohamed Tablawi - Biography

Mohamed Tablawi, born Mohamed Mahmoud Tablawi is an Egyptian Imam and Qur’an reciter. He was born 14th November 1934 in a village called Met Oqba, Egypt.

While he was four, Mohamed Tablawi started memorizing the Holy Qur’an and totally committed it to memory at the age of ten. In 1956, Mohamed earned a degree of Al Azhar’s Recitations. At the age of 15, Mohamed Tablawi gained much popularity as reciter and gave his voice to the Qur’an in gatherings organized by notorious Sheikhs of Egypt.

Recommended by Sheikh Abd Al Fatah Al Kadi and Sheikh Al Ghazali, Mohamed Tablawi joined the Egyptian TV Channel in 1956. Shortly, he earned a wide recognition and esteem and became of the most listened reciters either across Egypt or beyond. Thus, he was as much popular in Saudi Arabia.

Mohamed Tablawi often organized recitation evenings and debates over different issues of Islam for the purpose of enhancing the participation of young people the Islamic movement and thinking.

Best known as the golden voiced reciter, Mohamed Tablawi has recited for notorious personalities. He recited the Holy Qur’an during the funerals of Jordanian king, Al Hussain’s mother, the late Moroccan king, Hassan II funerals and Hafez Al Assad’s son, Bassel funerals.

Mohamed Tablawi has released many cassettes and videos including his recitations.