Mohamed Hassan

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Mohamed Hassan - Biography

Before the age of 4, Mohamed Hassan joined the Quran School in the village where he lived, and he started learning Quran, and he was able to memorize it at the age of 8 with the assistance of Sheikhs Misbah Mohamed Awad, God bless him. He also learnt by heart some texts of Shafii’s Jurisprudence and some parts in the doctrine, and once he turned 12 years old, he memorized so many books from the Prophet biography, poetry and Arabic language, such as “Riad of Righteous”, “Ajarumia”, ”Masterpiece Tuck” and so on.

And during his youth, Mohamed Hassan studied the legal science with the assistance of some of Alazhar’s Sheikhs, and in parallel, he studied in the University of Cairo and obtained a bachelor degree in information science, after that he joined the institute of the Islamic studies and got a master degree in the Islamic studies.

Currently Mohamed Hassan devotes all of his time to influence people to the right path, through his speeches and education, as he’s now an Imam and preacher in many mosques, professor of religion at the institute of preacher’s preparation in the Egyptian city Al Mansoura, and the chairman of the Sunnis complex Management.