Ibrahim Al Akhdar

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Ibrahim Al Akhdar - Biography

Ibrahim Al Akhdar, born Ibrahim Ben Alkhdar Al Qayim in Madina Munawara, Saudi Arabia, in 1364 Hijri (1945).

Ibrahim Al Akhdar received a religious education and entered many religious schools to accomplish his educational process such as Dar Al Hadith. In parallel, Ibrahim worked on memorizing the Holy Qur’an taking his first lessons from eminent teachers like Omar Al Haydari, Sheikh Hassan Ibrahim Al Chair, Sheikh Amir Ben Sayed Othman, and Sheikh Ahmed Ben Abdulaziz Al Zayat. He also studied the Akidah, the Fiqh and took language courses from Sheikh Abullah Ben Mohamed Al Ghuniman.

Ibrahim Al Akhdar worked as teacher in Abi Ben Kaab School for memorizing Qur’an in the Madina Munawara and then led prayers as imam in the Holy Mosque of Jeddah. He was also hired as teacher in the Holy Qur’an Faculty and the Call Faculty of the Islamic University of the Madina Munawara. He also taught in the Scientific Institute of Islamic Call relevant to the Imam University.

Since 1406 Hijri (1986) and during nine years, Sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar was one of the imams of the Holy Mosque of the Prophet Mosque.

Sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar contributes widely to the Holy Qur’an Memorization activity in Saudi Arabia and in many committees and associations such as the Charitable Association of Social Services; the National and International Jury of the Holy Qur’an competition.

Sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar attended many Television and Radio programs, and gave lectures in many scientific meetings. His recitations discography is present in many Islamic libraries all over the world.