Abdullah Basfar

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Abdullah Basfar - Biography

Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar is a famous reciter and imam from the Saudi Arabia. He first rose to prominence in Jeddah as an Imam and a reciter during the Ramadan Qur’an Recitation nights.

Basfar’s recitation were later diffused in many Qur’an’s Radio Stations and aired on Satellite TV Channels. While Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar became one of the eminent reciters of the Muslim world, he started giving religious lectures on various Islamic issues and called to assist poor people in Africa and countries in crisis. Also, he contributed himself to provide such aid in Ndjamena, Chad.

Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar is also the president of the International instance for Holy Qur’an Memorization related to the Muslim World League which shortly became one of the most effective institutions in serving the Holy Qur’an.