Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed

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Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed - Biography

Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed is a Saudi Qur’an reciter born, Abdel Aziz Ibn Abdullah Ibn Mohamed Al Ahmad, on Rajab 20, 1387 Hijri in Buraida.

Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed memorized the Holy Qur’an from renowned Sheikhs like Soulaimane Al Ghafis, Abdul Aziz Al Harbi and Abdullah Al Bassam. He also took lessons in the Hadith.

Abel Aziz Al Ahmed is a graduate of the Mohamed Ibn Saoud Islamic University. He got his degree in Psychology in 1410. He enrolled to the master in 1417 and then to a doctorate in 1423. His second doctorate was carried out in Sharia and Islamic Sciences.

Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed had recorded some of his recitations including Al Morattal (1422), Tarawih wa Al Qiyam (1414-1415).

Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed has worked as teacher in Ibn Saoud Faculty till 1423 HIjri and then joined the stuff of Al Kassim Faculty during the same year.

Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed was imam and reciter numerous mosques in Saudi Arabia like Arrachid and Ibn Sobaih mosques in Al Kassim and Al Badaoui’s mosque in Makah, Jeddah. He participates in many Islamic events giving lectures and interviews about different topics related to Islamic issues. He contributed to the Islam world library by many works.